That poor bunny

I’m continually amazed at my son.  I love learning more and more about him… the way he thinks, the things he chooses to say and do.  It’s so fun!!

Yesterday, though….  well, it was an interesting discussion regarding the chocolate bunny.  I The Easter Bunny purchased brought not one, but TWO 7″ chocolate bunnies.  Wonder if he had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon from Russell Stover?  Maybe we’ll never know. 

Anyway, Jet decided that he absolutely HAD to have some of one of those bunnies before we went to church. I agreed to open one, on the condition that he would take only three bites.

Do you recall eating a chocolate bunny as a child?  Do you remember which part you wanted to bite first?  THE EARS!

So, here I am, holding this HUGE chocolate bunny for Jet to bite from, since I didn’t want him to get chocolate on his hands and possibly everything else in Christendom before we manage to get out the door to church.

Me: “Which part do you want to bite first?  The ears?!?”

Jet: “No!  I want to bite his face off!!”

Me: …?

It was just a little creepy, watching my son gnaw the face off a chocolate bunny with such glee…


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4 responses to “That poor bunny

  1. ann

    lol – that is really all i can say.

  2. MMM


  3. HA, hilarious. My kids won’t eat the eyes on the Peeps candy, they eat all around and all that is left is the eyes.

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