The throes of the noes.

Songbird can be a little… stubborn. 

Truthfully, she comes by it quite honestly.  When I was little, my family called me hard-headed, which was abbreviated to HH.  When I talk about Songbird’s little ‘tude, I think my parents just sort of sit back and laugh on the inside… and sometimes even on the outside.  (The curse works!)

We are in the throes of the noes right now.  Every question, request, or instruction posed to the child receives a “No” in response.  

We’ve learned to use this to our advantage…

Q: “Will you ever have a boyfriend?”

A: “No!”


Q: “Do you want a car when you turn 16?”

A: “No!”


Q: “Are you ever going to ask for money?”

A: “No!”


Q: “Will you ever stop loving your mommy?”

A: “No!”

And so on and so forth. 

But I don’t think it’s helping.  (I’ll just throw another dollar in her therapy fund.)


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