Prepping and Storing Produce

One of my biggest pet peeves is throwing away food that has gone bad.  It’s just throwing out money, and lots of it if it’s spoiled produce.

I’m a huge fan of cutting up veggies on the weekend so that they’re easy to eat and cook with during the week.  It’s one of my favorite cooking tips.  If I have cleaned and sliced veggies ready to go, I can throw together a salad to go with dinner in about sixty seconds.  Stir-fry? No sweat.  Veggie pizza?  Done in a jiffy! I also really like to eat fresh veggies as a snack, but if I’m starving and they have to be cut up, whine, whine, whine… I’m more likely to grab something less healthy. 

Problem #1: Cut produce goes bad really fast.

Problem #2: Produce buried in the bottomless pit that is the produce drawer is likely to be forgotten.

Enter the Rubbermaid Produce Savers.  The set sells for around $12 at Amazon, and they are worth every penny.  I bought 2 sets and am thinking about getting another one.

These things are amazing.  They have this little green piece in the bottom that allows moisture to drip away from the produce, as well as let air circulate all the way around the produce.  There are also vents in the lid.  All of that works together to keep the produce from spoiling as quickly as it would otherwise.

Plus, they’re clear, so that I can see what’s in them.  They don’t fit in the produce drawer, so I’m forced to keep them front and center in the fridge.  Sliced veggies are so pretty and yummy looking when they’re already ready already!

We use the big ones to store fresh greens – spring mix or baby spinach.  The greens in the bag at the store are pitiful, but we’ve found a local farmers market that sells them in bulk (when we can make time to get there).  They last more than a week in these containers!

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3 responses to “Prepping and Storing Produce

  1. You thwarted my impulse to say, “Cut veggies go bad faster!” — because you said it first! Those look like great little containers, and I might have to find some.

  2. Ooh, I may have to look into investing in some of those! I usually cut some of my veggies up and freeze them in baggies, but some things I need to remain fresh. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. Great tip! Rubbermaid site shows these are bpa free — didn’t see it mentioned on Amazon.

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