Eric Carle has confused my daughter.

Every night before I put her in bed, Songbird insists that we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  There’s a section inside that describes what the caterpillar eats …  one apple, two pears, etc, etc.  The apple one is Songbird’s favorite; I’m not sure whether it’s because she can actually say “apple” or because we eat lots of apples around here.  One page shows five oranges.  Eric Carle’s oranges, except for the color, look somewhat similar to his apples:

She calls them apples, despite my repeated attempts to get her to say “orange”.

I realized the other day that her teachers must be working on teaching colors.  She pointed at something and said, very clearly, “bah-lue.”  Lo and behold, the whatever-it-was, was blue.  So we’ve been quizzing her on other colors.

Knight held up a piece of blue construction paper the other day, and she correctly identified it as “bah-lue”.  Next, green. She made a valiant effort to say, “green”.  Same with yellow.

Then he held up an orange one.  She said (and I can’t make this stuff up), “apple”.

Oh, yes, she did.

I took her to the doctor over the weekend for the runny nose and coughing that everyone seems to get this time of year. (Side note: ear infection.  Boo-hiss.  Antibiotics to the rescue!)  In the waiting room, they have a ginormous orange crayon on the wall.

I pointed to it and asked her what color… (wait for it)…

That child said, “Apple.”

Thank you, Eric Carle.



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4 responses to “Eric Carle has confused my daughter.

  1. Mary

    LOL! Girl, you are too funny. I can totally hear you telling me this story. I do miss you so.

  2. Backup

    So funny!! Colors vs fruits… it’ll be get ya every time.

    (PS, did I tell you our neighbor’s 2 year old calls me “Backup”? haha!)

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