Menu Planning Monday ~ March 7

Comfort food just seems necessary this week.  Winter just won’t let up here in New Jersey.  We’ve had several random days of 60-degree weather, but nothing that makes us feel like spring is here yet.  We had all the windows open in the house on Saturday; it was lovely!!  Today?  It’s windy and freezing.  *sigh*

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Monday: Mom’s Meatloaf, green beans, fruit  (I’m making the meatloaf with 1/2 ground beef and 1/2 ground turkey.  I’ll use the other halves for burgers tomorrow night.)

Tuesday: Burgers, salad, beans

Wednesday: Baked fish almondine, asparagus, rice

Thursday: Marinated grilled pork tenderloin, salad, corn

Friday: Breakfast! Eggs, toast, turkey bacon


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