MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #32

Today I’m linking up to the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In.   You should, too!

1. Do you or your husband ever wish your husband was in a different branch of the military?

Not really… though we hear the Air Force is fairly cushy.  😉

2. What duty station(s) are on your “No Way, Hell No, Not Going, Have Fun Unaccompanied” list and why? 

I’m a firm believer that a duty station is what you make of it.  I think I could make a home out of a hovel.  That said, I’m pretty done with snow at this point!  One of his options for the next PCS was farther north, and I nixed that one pretty quickly.

3. If you could be one age forever, what age would you choose and why? 

I’ve been known to say that 30 was my favorite birthday.  I knew who I was by that point, and had stopped apologizing for it.  I’m 33 right now, and I’m pretty happy!  Age is just a number.

4. If you were a breakfast cereal, which one would you be?  

Probably something sensible and responsible and traditional, yet loved by many – I’d say Cheerios.  🙂

5. What is your morning beverage of choice and why? 

Coffee is non-negotiable.  Two cups, at least.  I shudder to think of a life without coffee (and so do those around me…).



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2 responses to “MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #32

  1. I agree that a duty station is what you make of it. And I hope I like 30 like you did, it’s coming up fast for me (this fall). And I too could not survive without coffee, although I am a recent convert to the coffee side…I got addicted fast!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Mary

    LOL! I totally agree with you on the beverage of choice.

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