WFMW ~ Do it now.

I used to be a huge procrastinator. I always figured I’d have more time to do it later.

But somewhere along the way, I finally figured out that I’ll never have more time. I’ve adopted the mantra that, for most things, “It’ll never be easier than it is right now.”

This mentality works for all sorts of things, from cleaning the toilet while the kids are in the bath to finally booking a hotel room for a family trip to DC (which I did yesterday!).

I think being an Army wife is teaching me that I need to grab what I can get, when I can get it, whether that’s time with my family or making a trip to a local landmark.  The truth is, though, that this do-it-now attitude is a mental shift.  Instead of sitting on my tukus doing nothing (though there is definintely a time to do *that*, too!), I just do what needs to be done.

Getting Things Done brings a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that is so much better than the dread of knowing I have to do somthing, or of feeling like I missed an opportunity.

Just do it *now* – it works for me!

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One response to “WFMW ~ Do it now.

  1. Oh, this is such fantastic advice! I can sometimes get myself to do this and, whenever I do, I am always SO grateful to have accomplished whatever it is that needed to be done. Sometimes it takes gritting my teeth and saying, “Oh, for crying out loud, just DO IT!”

    Fingers crossed that it gets easier!

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