Things I Love Thursday – My Henckel Knife

I have this 7″ Santoku knife and I’m just a wee bit in love with it.  If I wasn’t already married, I might set my cap for it.

I use it every time I cook.  It’s a fairly heavy knife, but that’s a good thing.  I can let the weight of the knife do the work of cutting the food, while I just guide it.  The curvy handle fits in my hand just right. The length of the blade is perfect.

And the company that makes it stands by their product.

I had first purchased this knife three-ish years ago.  It’s not a cheap knife; I paid around $100 for it.  But I was in the market for a really good knife.  I wanted something that I could use and probably abuse everyday and would last awhile.  Take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, as it were.

Plus, my mom has one just like it and I loved using hers.  It made me feel like I could have my own TV show.

So I brought home my fancy new knife. I sliced and I diced.  I chopped and I carved. I julienned and made french fries in seven different languages.  This knife and I, we danced in the kitchen like a blissfully romantic couple for three-ish beautiful years.

Then one day last fall, a chunk of the handle fell off.  Just… fell off.  And I was ticked off.  This knife was no longer on my dance card.

I fumed for a day or two, and then decided that a company should stand by what it sells.  Three years was a short life span for a $100 knife, wasn’t it?  Yes.

So I called them.  The guy said I had to mail in the knife, and then they’d look at it to see what sort of a defect it was.  If it was a manufacturer’s defect, they’d replace it for free.  If it was my own darn fault, then I was out of luck.  Seems like that isn’t an unreasonable stance for them to take.

I wrote an eloquent letter about how I wanted to marry my knife but couldn’t, tenderly wrapped it up, and sent it off.  It took forever for them to get to my knife, but it was over the Christmas holiday… so maybe that’s an excuse.  I called faithfully each week to check up on my lame dance partner, but each week they told me that they hadn’t gotten to it.  Then, one day, miracle of miracles (!), they told me that I was getting a new one.

Hallelujah and praise the baby Jesus!

So now I have a new edition of my old dance partner.  We’ve fallen back into our easy rhythm.  Only now, I lovingly hand wash him after each use… and I’m sure he enjoys it.

My Henckel knife is definitely a Thing I Love!

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