Works for Me Wednesday ~ Make-Ahead Lunches

I am not a good lunch-packer for Jet.  I’m just not.  For awhile this year, he had two Lunchables each week, two peanut butter sandwiches, and pizza from school on Fridays.  A few weeks ago, Jet told me that he didn’t want to take Lunchables anymore.  Aside from the convenience factor, I was okay with that.  I’d been feeling a bit guilty about them; they just don’t seem like a very healthy choice.  And we’ve been all about healthy choices ’round here, lately.

He told me that he’d rather have peanut butter sandwiches everyday, “except, of course, FRIDAYS, Mama, because you KNOW I love Pizza Fridays!”.  I’m okay with that, too, except for the making a sandwich every day part.  I know  it’s not that hard.  I’m just lazy busy.  Then he said he wanted it to be half a sandwich that has PB and strawberry jelly, and half a sandwich that has PB and honey.  Every day.  (High maintenance, this one.  Don’t know where he gets it.)

A few days after this conversation, a friend of mine told me that sometimes on Sunday nights she makes a bunch of peanut butter sandwiches and tosses them in the freezer.  Each morning, she takes one out and tosses it in her son’s lunch box, and it’s totally thawed by lunch time.  She said, “If Smucker’s can do it, so can I.”

Well, duh.

So, a couple of weeks ago, that’s what I started doing.  I can even make them half-honey and half-strawberry jelly, just like he wants.  I put them in sandwich bags and stack them in the freezer.  I also packed a few chips in the snack-size baggies.  I wrote out four little notes and stashed them in the cabinet.  And it’s been a dream.  Every night, I throw it all  in his lunch bag, along with a drink, some apple slices and maybe a treat, and it’s all of two minutes to get his lunch together. 

No complaints from Jet about them (and I’ve quizzed him pretty well about how they taste, etc.).

Hallelujah, and thanks, Mandy!!!

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4 responses to “Works for Me Wednesday ~ Make-Ahead Lunches

  1. any thoughts for other freezable sandwich ideas if the trusty pb&j are banned? (peanut allergies at the school)
    we’ve been trying wraps, but only 2/4 school kids in my family will eat them. =)

  2. Monica, I haven’t tried anything else myself. Jet won’t eat sandwiches with lunch meat in them. Maybe you could just freeze one each of whatever kinds your kids like and try them on a weekend? Keep in mind, too, that I don’t know that *I* would want to eat a frozen sandwich, but Jet doesn’t mind at all! If I’m being *really* honest, I’m not sure that I ever told him that they were frozen (whoops?). It’s the kids’ tastebuds that count… Good luck!

  3. What a FAAAAAABULOUS idea! Heck, forget the kids, I’m going to try it for my grown-up self 😉

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