Saturday ramblings

We watched Despicable Me for family movie night last night.  Again.  Which is totally fine because I love that movie.  I decided that, henceforth, I shall summon everyone in the house to dinner by hollering “Assemble de minyuns!”  Considering that we’ve rented and watched the movie twice from RedBox, I think I’ve found Jet’s present for Valentine’s Day.

Knight leaves today for his Mancation.  Several guys from our small group are going to Vemont to ski and snowboard.  I’m all for it – I call it Testosterone Time.  It’s absolutely necessary for the health of my husband and our marriage.  I hope he has a wonderful time and doesn’t break something falling down the mountain.

In other news, TODAY IS THE DAY that the “But, Moooooomyyyyyyy”s will no longer be tolerated.  Those who dare to utter it in my presence shall be immediately banished to minion time out.  I’ve had it up to here.

We attempted something new this morning – breakfast out as a family!  Usually, it’s not really feasible.  Songbird and I get up at the crack of dawn, and Jet comes wandering down about an hour later.  Knight sleeps in until I roust him just before I go postal with the kids, about 9:00 or 9:30.  By the time he’s downstairs, the kids and I have long since eaten for fear that our rumbling stomachs will cave in on themselves.  I guess Knight knew he’d be too excited to sleep and thought this would be a good day to try this little adventure.

We loaded up (which ever only takes 30 minutes, especially with winter gear) and headed to Perkins.  The kids were very well behaved, right up until Songbird decided to start eating syrup with a fork directly from her dipping bowl for the french toast sticks.  Who knew syrup could drizzle so far so fast in a New Jersey February?  The Stickiness, it abounded.  Overall, though, it went well.  The whole-grain french toast that I ordered could have fed the army of a third-world country.  I did my best, and managed to conquer about a third of it.

Knight has left the building, and I’ll be taking the kids to the mall soon.  Jet desperately needs to have his ears lowered, and I have to return a few things.

I’m off to assemble de minyons!  Wish me luck!


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