I’m doing it!

I’ve written before about my battle with the bulge, and I’m happy to report that I’ve finally done something about it.  No, really, this time!  I mean it!

For starters, I rejoined Weight Watchers last year.  Again.  The weekly weigh-ins, where I knew I would have to face the number on the scale, provided the accountability I really needed to just put down the cake, already.  After a few months, I realized that I really had changed the way I eat and view food. 

I also added exercise.  One of the most excellent perks of Army Life is that every post has a gym, and I can work out for free.  It’s about a two-block, two-minute walk to the gym from our house.  I decided that I’d be a plain idiot if I didn’t take advantage of this exciting (!…??) opportunity.  Then I won a drawing for five free sessions with a personal trainer, and that made it a slam-dunk.

Now, I’ve never really been comfortable in a gym.  I’ve met with a few of different personal trainers in the past…  There was one incredibly muscle-y female who was kind and soft-spoken but still scary.  I met with a slimy, creepy guy who wouldn’t stop looking at me in all the wrong ways; I left that session after twenty minutes.  One more appointment somewhere in there was with your classic Schwarzenegger-wanna-be.  Point is, I’ve never had a good experience with a trainer.

Still, these sessions were free, so I steeled myself and scheduled the first one.  I’m ever so glad I did!  She’s a thirty-something mom of two who just wanted to help me be healthy.  She’s a perfectly normal body type, and not the least bit perky or slimy or scary.  No yelling or grunting or condescencion or weird looks from her.  Just encouragement and smiles and … just… normal.  She showed me all different types of equipment in the gym, from circuits to treadmills to free weights and mat exercises.  She pushed me just a little, just enough to show me that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.

Those sessions kick-started my I-CAN-DO-THIS journey.  Have I been perfect?  Absolutely not, but that was something else I needed to conquer.  Overall, my journey has been successful.  

A few months ago, Weight Watchers made some changes that I didn’t really agree with.  I decided that I’d learned how to change my ways, and decided to start counting calories instead.  I was partly motivated by Knight’s needs.  He’s a calorie counter as part of his regimen for the Army.  I figured it would be easier if the chef in the house was a calorie-counter, too.  I found My Fitness Pal, which also provides an app for my iPhone.  (Maybe the best part is that they’re both free!)

I’ve lost 30 pounds, dropped a few sizes in my jeans, and I feel like a new woman.  I have a ways to go, yet, but I’m nearly halfway to my goal.  I have a whole new outlook on food and exercise… I never thought I’d be that person, but it feels GREAT!


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