How I make my life harder than it has to be

I’ve written before about my obsession with office and school supplies.  Just to give you a window into my brain so that perhaps you can feel better about yourself, I’m copying and pasting verbatim an email that I sent to my sisters and my mom a couple of months ago.

So, I’ve signed up for these online classes to get a certification in Electronic Medical Records… supposedly a big, up-and-coming career with lots of job opportunity since all medical records are to be electronic by 2013.  Really, for me, it’s that the online classes, textbooks, and certification exams are all paid for by a grant.  Plus, I’ve changed departments at work and it’s reeeeeeeaaaaalllllly slllllloooooooowwwww, so I have plenty of time to complete the coursework at … um… work.  I also think that a medical records type job will be a more portable and less stressful job than teaching, especially given that I now have experience in a military treatment facility.
I have a whole drawer at home dedicated to pens, highlighters, pencils, markers, sharpies, etc… writing utensils of many different levels, uses, brands and all of them are absolutely necessary to my quality of life.
Confession:  In getting ready to go to work today, I wanted to gather up a few items to bring with me.  I completely lost myself in the decision-making process…  The green highlighter or the pink? Maybe the orange?  Do I think I’d want something besides plain ol’ black to write with?  Probably.  Ball-point or felt-tip?  Should I grab a sharpie?  Fine tip or bold?  Index cards? Definitely. Colored or white? Lined or unlined?  I need something to carry all of this in.  I need a pencil bag.  Jet doesn’t even have one I could “borrow”… I’ll use a ziploc bag.  Should I use one big one for all of it or get a separate smaller one for the index cards?  Yes, two. That way, if a pen leaks or something, it won’t ruin the index cards….
I looked up and realized I’d burned fifteen minutes picking out pens.
I think I need therapy.

There, now… don’t you feel better?



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3 responses to “How I make my life harder than it has to be

  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog! We love visitors 🙂 And, I’m happy to read that I’m not the only one out there that loves office supplies . . . I, too, spend way too much time picking out what pens/highlighters to buy. It’s a big decision! 😉

  2. Mary

    I think this is my favorite post! I totally relate. This is how far my sickness has progressed: while thinking (and making a list) of things I’d like for my birthday, a new pen and notebook topped my list! No joke! It even trumped new shoes (gasp!) and new books (double gasp!) Oh, and I took the ever so tiniest sippy-sip of the “Kool-Aid” this morning. I downloaded the NOOK app for my phone and read the first page from Chapter One of Dracula. I feel like a traitor. Sigh. But now I’m thinking about starting a blog about my books. (Being cooped up due to ice and snow does strange things 😉 Miss you girlie!

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