One of my most recent crushes

I love to read.  My favorite escape is to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book.  While I’m not a night owl by any stretch of the imagination, I think nothing of staying up until two in the morning when I’m in the grip of a good book.  Am I tired the next day?  You betcha.  But it’s so worth it.

Knight knows me, and I love him for that, among other things.  For my birthday this past summer, he talked with my family, and they got me a Kindle.  It should be noted that, just writing about how he did this, my heart skips a beat or three.

Now, Kindles have been in my family for awhile.  I think my mom, who’s also a voracious reader, got one fairly quickly after they came out.  I drooled over hers for awhile, but, as usually happens,  my frugalista self rationalized my (nearly-nonexistent) impulsive self out of getting one.  I had a list of reasons:  the Kindle itself is expensive, I get free books from a library and can’t really afford to buy books for the Kindle, it’s just not a necessary purchase… I just love the feel and smell of real books; how can an e-book come even close to replacing that? … and on and on.

Y’all.  Oh, y’all. Please forgive me for my foolishness.  If you consume books at the rate I do (easily one to two a week), you must consider fanning the flames a little higher with a Kindle.

No, it doesn’t feel like a book in my hands.  It feels better.  It’s lighter than a book.  In fact, its precious little 8.7-ounce self can hold up to 1500 books.  When I travel, I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’ll finish my current book. Every trip I’ve ever taken, precious suitcase space has been taken up by a book or three.  Never again!

I never lose my place in a book, because the Kindle remembers where I was.  It’s like the elephant of the literary world.

My Kindle goes everywhere with me in my purse.  I recently decided that I needed a new purse, whilst strolling through the mall and one caught my eye.  The clincher was that my Kindle fit nicely in it; otherwise, it would have been a no-go… even though it was on sale and ever-so-pretty and I had three coupons.  I can whip it out and catch up on a little reading during any down time, like in a doctor’s office, at work, at a red light, while driving on the Parkway…  Well, okay, maybe not that last one.  Or two.

While it is true that, generally, books have to be purchased to be read on the Kindle, I’ve found a few ways around that.  First, my whole family now knows that what I really want for Christmas/birthday/because they love me is Amazon gift cards.  It makes it easy for them to shop!   Secondly, Amazon publishes a list of the top 100 “bestselling” free books for the Kindle.  (Yes, it’s a weird oxymoron.  Somebody should fix that.)  I’ve also found a website, Ereader News Today, that lists free books for the Kindle.  I added both the top 100 free list and Ereader News Today to my Google Reader, so that I’m automatically notified when either place has something new to offer.

I was also concerned about how my eyes would feel as I read on my Kindle.  I didn’t really know if it was backlit or how it worked.  I just knew that my eyes didn’t hurt when I read a “real” book.  Turns out that they don’t hurt when I read the Kindle, either.  The font and orientation can be adjusted so that it’s extra easy on my eyes.

I really could go on and on about all the things I love about my Kindle, but these are the highlights.  I promise I wasn’t paid to write this, though I think maybe Amazon should pay me for all the gushing.  If you already have a Kindle, check out the free books.  I’ve already discovered several new authors that way.  If you don’t have a Kindle, I encourage you to drink the Kool-Aid… come on in, the water’s fiiiiine.


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  1. I wasn’t keen on the Kindle either. I love a good book. The feel of the pages against my fingers as I flip through them, savoring every word. Hubster got me one for Christmas, so sure I would want to return it. But I, like you, have found a new love. I will always love a good real book, but would recommend the Kindle for the same reasons you listed out.

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