Wow. It’s been… um… awhile.

Things have been rockin’ and rollin’ in the Knight and Damsel house.   So much has happened since I wrote last…

Jet was in kindergarten at a local public school last year.  While he learned a lot and enjoyed school, we felt that a Christian school would be better for him.  In order for that to happen, I would have to have a job…. so I started a full-time job last May as a receptionist at the health clinic on post.  This job literally fell into my lap.  (As always, it’s who, not what, you know.)  And, as usually happens when we undergo some major life change around here, I quit blogging.  Just when I really needed the outlet…  someday I’ll learn… maybe.

Around the same time, a woman in my Bible study at church mentioned that her son goes to a Christian school.  I chatted with her to get the details and then visited the school.  As I sat in the director’s office, listening to her describe her love for the students and her vision to allow God to direct the school, I knew that this was the place for our sweet son.  This was the place where he would learn and grow and love.  This was the place where he would *be* loved and nurtured, far beyond anything he would experience in a public school.  This was the place where his teachers would pray for him and with him, and guide him, and teach him to love the Lord.  I actually cried, sitting in her office.  I wondered at the time if she thought I was one of *those* mothers – the crazy, emotional ones that cry at the drop of a hat.  (Ok, so maybe I am.  I’m just pretty good at keeping a lid on it most of the time…)   He started in September and has loved every minute of it.  Without a doubt, it is exactly where he needs to be, and first grade has been wonderful!

Songbird turned TWO this week…  and I just really can’t believe it.  She’s so precious and beautiful and smart.  It’s funny to think back to our first reaction to that surprise pregnancy (OH. EM. GEE. *freak out freak out freak out* WHAT ARE WE GONNA DOOO?!?! – as if there were any other option besides love this baby…) and realize that God knew what He was doing all along. I can’t imagine our lives without her.  She’s so … lively.  “Songbird” is a definite fit for a name for her, as long as you don’t picture some delicate little bird on a delicate flowery branch.  MY Songbird knows exactly what she wants and will make darn sure you know it, too.  Aren’t there loud songbirds??  Somewhere???

The most precious thing to me is watching the relationship between my two children develop.   While I know that I have considerable influence on that relationship, it’s a beautiful thing to see it develop as something just between them.  Jet prides himself on being “The Best Big Brother Ever” and Songbird looks up to him completely.  She can be a little… rough (as in, hitting him upside the head)… with him, but he has the patience of Job.  He’s forever trying to hug and kiss on her.  For her part, Songbird thinks she’s a big kid.  She keeps up with Jet and his friends like nobody’s business, and they’re all sweet to include her.

While it seems impossible that I’ve summed up many moons in just a few paragraphs, at least I hit the high points.  I’ll be back!  (Just don’t hold your breath…)


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