So much for writing more often.  🙂  Time to stretch the writing muscles and try again!

Quite a bit has happened since the last time I’ve been here at the ol’ blog….

  • Knight joined the Army last October and completed both BCT (Basic Combat Training) and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) as of last week.
  • Our precious daughter was born January 26th – I’m working on a “blog name” for her, and am taking suggestions!
  • I took 2 months of maternity leave, finished out the school year, and resigned my position.
  • We’re in the middle of selling our house (we close toward the end of the month).
  • We’ve received Knight’s first set of orders and will be relocating to the East Coast in the next few weeks!

OK, so… when I put it in bullet form like that, it really doesn’t seem like as much as it actually was.  Based on the how crazy I think our life has been, it feels like that list should stretch across Texas.  As I read back over it, I know I could probably write at least four or five posts about each one of them!  I hope to get around to doing that…

I want to blog more often, not only to keep our family and friends updated on our crazy Army life, but also because it’s such an outlet for me.  I’ve really missed it, but when Knight left for BCT and I found myself teaching full-time and single-parenting, I realigned my priorities pretty quickly.  Blogging didn’t make the cut!

Today is the last day for Jet and Baby Girl (see! she needs a NAME!) at their daycare.  I actually finished teaching last week, but Knight and I had so many things to do this week that we decided to let them continue.  Jet has so much fun there that it wasn’t a difficult decision.   However, last night Jet really came to grips with how much he was going to miss his friends when we move.  We’ve really worked hard to prepare him as best we can by telling him where we’re moving and that we get a new house, etc, etc…  I think I forgot about how close to his school friends he really is.  About half of the students in his pre-kindergarten class have been together for the last 3 or 4 years!  I know he’ll be fine, but, as always, it’s difficult to see my sweet, tender-hearted son so upset.   It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been purposely not thinking about how much I’m going to miss my own friends here, and talking with him about missing his friends brings all of that to the surface.  I should work on taking my own advice as I help him work through this!  🙂

One of the most exciting things about our move is that they have on-post housing available for us!  I’m ready to take the plunge, feet-first, into Army Life.  Knight obviously did that back in October, but, as I’ve told him, all that really happened to me, Army-wise, is that he’s been gone for 7 months.  I’m ready for the community, the making of friends who intimately understand what I’ve been going through and who can help me walk the path ahead of us.  I’m ready to be back together as a family again.  I’m ready to be the best Army wife for my husband.  I’m ready to be taught the lessons that God has for me (there have been LOTS of them in the recent months, and I’m sure there will be LOTS more in the near future).  I’m ready to introduce my kids to a new environment and watch them grow, change, and succeed.  I’m ready for the change.

I’m ready!



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4 responses to “Ready.

  1. Deanna Higgins

    You truly have been the best thing that ever happened to my brother. I thank God that you two are together, and I know that even though Knight has always has a wonderful heart, you have given him such devotion and loving direction that he would not be complete without you. I already miss you guys like crazy since my own move, and I do believe that once I start working I will have to have a special savings just for airline tickets to come see you!! Take care of my bro, Jet and hmmmm…….Bella? (little nod to twilight and it means beautiful as well??)

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl and your new Army family life!

  3. Dude! Welcome to the Northeast. How is base life? How are you adjusting? You know what’s weird? It’s not nearly as far to New Jersey from Long Island in actual mileage but int terms of time, it would take you, like, five hours to get here. Are you amazed and shocked at the traffic? And by the sheer numbers of people here? I think you all are so brave to make the move and I have to say, I admire your husband so much for taking this step and providing for his family. Doesn’t it make you get all squishy inside?

    Anyway, welcome! I am going to post some recipes if my friend gives them to me. She made her own tortillas!

  4. Hi there – We moved to Massachusetts from New Braunfels last September. It is a huge change, but most days I still feel like it has been worth it. The weather is different, the people are different, food is different – for us it has been like moving to a whole other country (or planet!). Good luck to you!

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