I thought I’d start with the kidney thing.  My doctor did put me on antibiotics, and I finally came around to taking them.  My pharmacist went over the specifics about what possible harm could come to the baby with me.  She’s fantastic, and I really trust her.  (If you’re interested, the insert with the antibiotic stated that, when given to lab mice, a dosage of 65 times the proportional human dosage caused developmental problems, but a dosage of 25 times the normal dose did not.  I’m a total science geek, so this made me feel a lot better, knowing I’d have to have a serious overdose to cause any harm to the baby.)  One of the things that my doctor said to me was along the lines of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Basically, this little prevention is much safer than actually getting a kidney infection, because they wouldn’t be able to give me the intensive, high-dose antibiotics that I would need without possibly causing harm to the baby.

Also, I can’t believe I only have two more weeks of summer left!  I officially have to be back to work for inservice on August 7th, but I’m going to start back on the 4th.  They have us in meetings for several days during inservice, and I just have too much work to do before school starts.  There’s no way I can wait until then!  Prepping for four science courses takes quite a bit of organization and .. well.. prep work.  I’m excited to go back – I’ve already started having dreams about the first day of school.  This time of year is when my nerdiness shines.  I even have to be careful in Wal-Mart, since they have aisles and aisles of school supplies.  🙂

Well, I’m off to pack and do a million other things.  Jet and I, and my sister Tinkerbell, are leaving bright and early in the morning to go visit my other sister Badabady in Minnesota!  Yay!



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4 responses to “Updates

  1. Have a great trip!!! Glad to hear everything’s going well with the pg & the kidneys.

    we have to go back August 1 (WHY couldn’t they just rewrite the contracts to say aug. 4?!). i hear you on the prep work!!

  2. I love school supplies too!

    Glad that you have a plan you’re comfortable with for the kidney thing. 🙂

  3. ann

    i will pray for you (particularly for your kidneys, but all the rest of you too) and for the baby.
    i love nerdiness – i have been having dreams about school lately too weird, b/c i am NOT a teacher OR in school. i guess it is just in my blood!! if you ever want to take a field trip to the office max/depot, you just let me know!


  4. Dude, I look away for a couple months and the next thing I know you’re having a baby.

    I’m sure there’s no connection!

    When are you due?

    Happy for you,

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