Oy, the questions!

I know that the questions are how Jet learns.  The teacher in me gets that.  However, the mommy in me is driven up the wall by the questions.

It’s not the number of questions, per se… it’s the repetition.  It seems like he’s not satisfied until he’s asked the same question ten times in a row.

He’s been known to be upset if he doesn’t get the answer he expected, and he’ll ask the same question multiple times in a row, with a tone that makes it clear that maybe you didn’t hear me right, Mommy!

Sometimes, though, there’s a diamond in the rough…

J: How does God make people?

D: Well…  I don’t really know.  He just does!

J: I know!  Maybe He does it with all of the tools He has in heaven!!


J: When will my next birthday be?

D: Well, next summer…

J: Will all of my birthdays be on June 21st?

D: Well, yes…

J: But I want to have another birthday before next June 21st!


J: How do people get hugs in them?

Knight: Umm… God puts them there!

J: Oh..

K: You know how I give you a hug, and then you give Mommy a hug, and then Mommy gives me a hug?

J: Yeah…

K: Well, we just all share hugs and pass them around!



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5 responses to “Oy, the questions!

  1. badabady

    I love it! Very soon I can help to relieve you of the repitious question answering by intercepting some for you – and with joy!! I can’t wait — hurry up and get here!!!

  2. TeacherBee

    I love the way a child’s mind works. They are so creative. I wish that was one thing we were all able to hold onto as we grow older. And great answers on your part!

  3. MMM

    My Love Bug is the same way. She asks question after question.

  4. Papa

    Why cant he have another birthday before June 21st?

  5. Oh the question kids ask! Too sweet!

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