Jet really doesn’t have that many “baby” words anymore. He’s straightened most of them out, and corrects us when we say “lasterday”. However, he consistently replaces the “re-” sound at the beginning of words with a “yer” sound.

He’s also very into spelling words.

This morning I received this query: “Mommy, how do you spell yercord? I don’t yermember.”

I suppose laughing at him really only continues to bolster his future need for therapy.



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2 responses to “Spelling

  1. TeacherBee

    How cute!

  2. Little-est Sister

    Damsel – “Hey, Jet! Where are we??”

    Jet – “we’re in the… the… *screws up face* blueberry!”

    D – “…you mean.. the library?”

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