I have discovered the elixir of life.

I would package and sell it, but someone else already has.

I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of nausea during the day with this baby, and have struggled to find things to eat that sound and taste good.  I seem to have developed a reaction to watermelon and cantaloupe, so those are out, which is very, very sad.

However, my local grocery store sells store brand packages of frozen fruit (shocking, I know).  The best thing EVER, I have found, is the frozen mango.  I spent a summer in Mexico studying for my Spanish degree, and I discovered fresh mango.  I thought it was nectar from heaven.  In fact, the mom of the family with whom I was living made sure to have it on the table at every single meal for me.

It is very difficult for me to express how ridiculously excited I am about these dumb frozen mango chunks, but they’re just cool and refreshing and feel SO GOOD in my tummy.  And pregnant women are ALL ABOUT things that feel good in the tummy.  🙂

Additionally, I’ve sort of been trying to watch what I eat, and I love that the only ingredient listed on the package is “mango chunks”.  It makes me feel good to know that I can have fresh mango without all the work of peeling and cutting one up (which is a very messy proposition, indeed) and without preservatives.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good day (aside from the nausea).   😛



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9 responses to “I have discovered the elixir of life.

  1. The life-saving food for me while pregnant with Buster was Trader Joe’s ginger chews. Glad you’ve found something that works for you!

  2. ann

    i join you in the “i love mango” club!!!

  3. Ah, mango! I love it but my husband is allergic, so I don’t bring mango chunks home. 😦

  4. ann

    i have looked for the frozen mango, and have not found it – would you shed some light on which store has it . . .pppplease 🙂

  5. Little-est Sister

    By the by, I went to the grocery store between your house and mine a couple weeks ago at 9 pm to get Nana “three packages of those frozen mangos”…

    and there was only 1 package left. *dum dum duummmmm…*

    my mind dashed to my Damsel sister INMEDIAMENTE as I silently cursed your pregnant cravings knowing that it surely was you who cleared out ALL the mango packages except one. and I’d like to know, what were your thoughts as you left the lonely mango package?

    was it sticking to the list? (“no, no, I said I’d only get 12… 13 is just too much”)

    was it in false consideration for the next mango-seeker? (“Oh, someone in this city is BOUND to want some frozen mango besides me! I’ll leave them ONE package to tantalize tastebuds”)

    or were you physically blocked from achieving full mango utopia? (“Pulling out these eleventy-seven packages of mangos has left my right arm in freezing cramps, and I just cannot proceed to greedily snatch the eleventy-eighth package…”)

    Luckily, Mom survived. She had her mango fix for the evening and seemed unconcerned with her next craving. Boy I hope they’ve restocked since then…

  6. Little-est Sister

    and all the winks ruined my incredibly long comment. but they’re supposed to be the closing parenthesis.. not sure how they turned into winks though.

  7. badabady

    Me: “Whatcha doin’?”

    You: “Oh, just sitting around, trying not to throw up.”

    Me: “Oh really? Funny – me too… No babies, but puking’s still not on my to-do list.”

  8. Steph

    Love the Mango, so glad it’s working for you! I hate to hear you aren’t able to eat the canteloupe and watermelon anymore. Just found your site, over from 5 minutes for parenting–loved your comment there!! 🙂 How do you cut up a fresh mango, anyway? I always end up just spooning out the mango smush from each half or cutting sections off and then removing the skin, have you found a better way?!

    Take care,

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