You know you’re a wuss when..

… your son “cooks” you a treat and even pretending to eat the plastic cookie makes you a little nauseated.

I know I really shouldn’t complain. Some women have had it far worse than I do. (Hi, Mom! Love you!) I mean, I haven’t even had any real “morning sickness” – just mild, unending nausea.

I did have a little scare this weekend – I was up for about two hours in the middle of the night on Saturday with really bad kidney pain. To put this in perspective, I had a horrible kidney infection right after Jet was born. My OB put me back in the hospital when Jet was 8 days old, and I was there for 11 (that’s eleven) days. They had me on four different antibiotics at one point, trying to beat the thing. Then they discovered a huge cyst on the kidney that miraculously went away on its own. (No, really – it was a miracle. I was getting prepped to have a procedure done to remove it when the radiologist discovered that it had practically disappeared. He couldn’t figure out what had happened, because apparently renal cysts don’t just go away.) It took several months to really get my strength back and feel like I was healed. I really think that the main issue was that I felt the back pain a couple of days after he was born, but just figured that – hello – I’d just birthed a baby, so of course my back was going to hurt. Anyway, I think it just went too far before I was diagnosed.

So, to say that kidney pain makes me nervous might be an understatement. I’ve had the kidney pain on and off in the last four years, but mostly it seems to be an early warning sign of dehydration. Every time, I’ve been able to guzzle a couple of bottles of water and it resolves the pain. I’ve never been up in the night with it like I was over the weekend, though, and I know I was well-hydrated on Saturday. Plus, I’m nervous because my OB has threatened to put me on antibiotics for the duration of the pregnancy if I get so much as a single bacteria out of place. (To be honest, I don’t really know how I feel about that. I know fever would be really bad for the baby, but an eight-month course of antibiotics doesn’t make much sense to me either, for the baby or for me.)

At any rate, I called my doctor yesterday, and he had me go in today to give a urine sample. (Nothing says “FUN!” like peein’ in a cup. Whee.) I’m praying that the culture comes back negative! Although, if it does, I’m not sure what can be done about the kidney pain. My urologist from four years ago wasn’t AT ALL helpful, and that’s the only group around. Yay.

Jet has been really sweet this evening, though. We’re not making a huge deal about him being a big brother. We’re not hiding it from him, but we’ve not sat him down and had a big talk with him, either. Anyway, I’ve just told him that my tummy hurts and I sort of feel like I’m going to throw up. He immediately offered to get me some water and sing me a song. He did both, and has been playing quietly ever since.

Am I really ready to throw another kid into this mix? It’s so good right now! (Oh, I kid. Truthfully, I know another baby will make it better…)


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5 responses to “You know you’re a wuss when..

  1. (((HUGS)))

    I was very, very thankful that I was not nauseous with either of mine. I was, however, exhausted instead!! Thankfully, since Bird was so little I would nap every afternoon right along with her! (well, not WITH her. I claimed the couch.)

    Hope all your tests come back negative.

  2. I hope you feel better and that the kidney pain is nothing serious.

  3. MMM

    I’m prayin’ too!! Let us know how it turns out!

  4. I know all about the unending nausea. That’s what I’ve had with three of the four pregnancies. Ugh.

    Hope the kidney pain is nothing serious.

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