I’m feelin’ it

It’s still a bit surreal that we’re going to be having another baby.  I mean, just looking back at that sentence right there makes me all Keanu-in-the-early-years  (“Like, whoa.”)

So far, I’m feeling great, if very, very tired.  Yesterday was a great example of the tired-ness that is consuming me.  We left the doctor’s office at around 10:30, and I was hungry (oh, yeah, that’s the OTHER symptom – already HUNGRY.).  We decided to get drinks at Sonic and then go to a local Mexican-food hole-in-the-wall that sells breakfast tacos that are OUT of this world.  So we got home around 11:15, I bolted down two tacos (one potato, egg and cheese, and one bean, egg and cheese – DE-lish).  Then I sat in my recliner. 

And I stayed there until 4:30, through multiple DVR’ed episodes of How It’s Made and What Not to Wear, then onto previously un-DVR’ed (but now scheduled to record) Bringing Home Baby and A Baby Story.  I dozed off for awhile, maybe an hour or so, and then woke up.  Hungry again.

On another note, I think I’ve developed some sort of horrifyingly sad reaction to watermelon.  The last two times I’ve eaten it, my lips have itched like crazy and swollen up a little.  (TMI, perhaps, I know.  Sorry.  Sort of.)  To put this in perspective for you, Jet’s birthday is in June, which mean that the last several weeks of my pregnancy and first weeks post-pregnancy were prime watermelon season.  I’m quite surprised that the youngster didn’t pop out with a green rind on him.  I should have invested in watermelon stock, if such a thing exists.  So to say that my possible watermelon allergy is horrifyingly sad is the understatement of the century.  *sigh*

Randomly, again, I’ve been trying to put some sort of baby ticker countdown thing on the ol’ blog, but wordpress.com doesn’t supprt java (and I’m too cheap to actually pay to blog).  If any of you has a fantastically fabulous idea of another type of ticker, could you let me know?

Now, I’m off to nap.  I prefer to think of it as taking full advantage of Jet’s last few days of school, thankyouverymuch.  I’m sure the laundry, dirty dishes, and other various housecleaning tasks will still be here when I wake up.  Unless, of course, you’d like to come over and do them while I work on growing a baby.  🙂


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  1. Oh no, not watermelon!

    When I was pregnant with Q, I craved watermelon so much – I practically ate a whole one every week. Sure enough, he’s a huge watermelon fan out of the womb too.

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