Little boy joy

One of the more interesting things I’ve discovered lately about Jet is that the boy absolutely has to spend some time running around like mad, preferably outside.  He literally just has so much energy to burn that he becomes miserable, as does everyone around him, if he’s not allowed to go crazy at least once or twice a day.

Today we were at my parents’ house, which sits about 120 feet from a local river.  One of Jet’s very favorite activities is for Papa to take him down to throw sticks in the river.  He’d been asking and begging for it since about 11:00, and finally Papa relented, despite the heat, because Jet had been sort of driving everyone crazy jumping around in the living room.  Jet came running to me to get his shoes on, and I noticed that the top of his head was wet.  I rubbed it and said, “You’re already sweaty, little guy!”  He responded with a heaving sigh, “Yeah!  It feels GOOD to be sweaty!” 

It was just such a classic moment!

They spent about a half hour or so down at the river, and when he came back in, his shorts were all wet.  He proudly exclaimed, “I walked in the water!!”  I told him that sounded great.  Then he proudly said, “And I tinkled in the water, too!”

Another classic moment.  🙂 


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3 responses to “Little boy joy

  1. LOL!! I grew up with all girls, so all this little boy stuff is very new to me!!

  2. Papa

    Hey, sweetie. I emailed you some vids of Jet in the river. Hope they come through to you and you enjoy them.

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