What a blessed time

This past weekend was my sister Beezneez’ wedding, and it was a wonderful time.  God is SO GOOD.  Our family is just busting buttons – we’re so happy for them!  She and Dr. M. are shining examples of how God truly wants to bless us if we but follow His plan for our lives. 

The wedding was absolutely perfect – everything went off without a hitch!  It was beautiful, and God was felt in that place on Saturday.  They were married in a wedding chapel, and the owners/coordinators were just fabulous.  I’m telling you, THAT is the way to do it.  They are professionals at this, and were just so nice.  If you know anyone who wishes to get married in the Oklahoma City area, drop me a line and I’ll put in a plug for this place!

Jet was the ringbearer, and he walked down the aisle just exactly as he was supposed to!  I told Beez that I was really excited for her to be married, and I really appreciated her doing it just so that Jet could be in a tux.  He is a heartbreaker as it is, but I just about melted into a mommy puddle on the floor when I saw him in that little suit.  I may dig up a “backside” pic or even just blur his face out of one or something to show you, but I know that either of those options simply won’t do his cuteness justice!  *swoon*

I know I’ll never be able to get the feelings into words, but perhaps some of you can identify.  We celebrate this weekend because God’s hand could be seen moving throughout Beez’ and Dr. M.’s lives, bringing them together to this time.  We celebrate because God has blessed them beyond measure, and we know that He will continue to do so.  We celebrate the love that God shows for us, and the love that He placed in their hearts for each other, and we celebrate the love that we all return to Him and that we have for the two of them.

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  1. awww,,,, beautiful post!! congrats to your sister & her new husband!!

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