So many words, so little space

So much has happened in the last few weeks, and 99% of it has been amazingly wonderful. I’ve done most of it with an eye toward blogging about it… I have a list of ten or so big posts to write. There was my trip to Oklahoma for my sister’s bridal shower, which has three or four hilarous posts in and of itself, and then the trip to DC, and stuff that’s happened since then.

I can’t believe that the end of the school year is right around the corner! Only three weeks of “real” teaching, and one week of final exams left to go…. It’s just nuts, I tell you. We had yesterday off, because my principal knows how badly the teachers need one last three-day weekend before the final bout of craziness begins. However, since I’m a workaholic, I went to the school to get a few things done. I was actually a little bit behind after being gone most of last week to DC.  Also? It’s unbelievable how much work I can get done when I don’t have to actually, you know, TEACH.  Heh.  Three hours of undisturbed time – just me and the radio – and I finished my lesson plans (that’s FIVE classes’ worth of lessons, people) FOR THE YEAR. Hoo-RAH. 😛

There is one thing that I had yesterday for the first time that probably helped me get all those lesson plans done: McDonald’s coffee.  My grandparents had told me that it was good stuff, and I believed them.  It’s just that I normally prefer my own brew.  (Digression:  I think “prefer” might be a mild term to use, here, instead of going off on how I can never find coffee elsewhere that isn’t burned and bitter.  Speaking of bitter…  )    (Another digression: The reasons why I wasn’t drinking my own coffee yesterday morning are long and drawn out, and best saved for another post (maybe)).   

That McDonald’s coffee tasted pretty good.  My grandparents were right!  Ha!  (Clarification:  they are often right on many things.  Please note that the previous sentence is shot through with sarcasm.  Hi, grandparents!)  It gave a very mild whiff of bitterness as it went down, but I was pretty impressed… especially considering that it was McDonald’s, for crying out loud.  The most interesting characteristic of the McDonald’s coffee, though, when compared to my own brew, is that McDonald’s coffee must be made from rocket fuel

I polished off a medium coffee and felt like I could run twenty miles without breaking a sweat. I typed and clicked and shuffled papers with amazing speed and agility.  I think even the school network was feeling the burn — it was zipping right along, too!  I could leap tall buildings with a single bound!  And then…  *cue foreboding music* …  the most glaring negative side effect of caffeine started to set in.  Fortunately, though, the girls’ restroom is right across the hall.  I could still work with speed and agility, but the continuum was broken repeatedly.   I’d say it was a decent compromise.  🙂

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2 responses to “So many words, so little space

  1. I LOVE Mickey D’s coffee – it’s Newman’s Own and is completely organic. You can get it at the grocery store for your own shelf. 🙂

  2. MMM

    I LOVE our gas station’s fat free cappuccino. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the best, and at 64 cents for 12 oz, it’s incredibly addicting!

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