*waving as I hurry by*

Things are incredibly busy at the Damsel and Family house.  Knight has been spending most nights at his sister’s house since they are remodeling to sell it.  He’s doing a lot of work, so he’s tired.  Plus, it’s about 45 minutes away, straight through some nasty Austin traffic.  It’s just easier (and cheaper when you consider gas prices!) for him to sleep there.  Normally, I leave the house early, and Knight gets Jet up and to school by 8:30 or so.  Since I’ve had to take him, though, he’s been there at 6:45 everyday since last Wednesday (or Thursday?).  It’s not impossible, but it makes for some long days, especially when I’m picking him up, too.  I really admire single parents — I don’t know how they do it!  I mean, at least I know he’s coming home tomorrow!

Prom and the junior/senior banquet went pretty well for me this past weekend.  As the junior homeroom teacher, most of the work fell to me.  I had some good help in the form of another teacher and a parent, though.  The actual event went well, but it was A LOT of stress getting it put together!  I’m really  glad it’s over.

Sunday was a local bridal shower for my sister who’s getting married next month.  It was truly lovely and generous.  I had fun doing the matron-of-honor duties; I feel like I haven’t been much help to her since we live here and she lives (and is getting married in) Oklahoma City.   I fly out on Friday to attend a shower in Oklahoma for her.  I’ll miss Jet and Knight, but I’m looking forward to a girls’ weekend with family!  I hope it will be somewhat restful.  I’ll be driving back with my mom on Sunday; it’s about an 8 hour car ride.

Next week, I fly out on Tuesday to Washington, DC, with my juniors for their mission trip.  It’s a great trip. We’ll be prayer-walking lots of places – the White House, the Capitol building, in front of the embassies.  It’s mostly about learning how to pray, Scripturally, for those whom God has placed in authority over us.  It’s also an educational trip — we’ll be laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier, visiting the Holocaust museum, several of the memorials, and Smithsonian museums, among other things.  My kids are really good kids, and I’m excited to be going with them!  We have 21 students and six leaders.  Don’t forget to vote in this post! The winner(s) will get postcards from me while I’m in DC! It’s priceless, I swear.

We will fly back on Sunday, the 20th.  Then, it’s back to work on Monday!  I’ve been pretty stressed at work about being gone for four days next week.  I’ve never planned for a sub for four days in a row!  Fortunately, my sub is one of our former teachers.  The kids know, love and respect her, so I’ve no doubt that she’ll get the work done.  The truly stressful part has been that I’ll be missing my PREP time next week for the week after!  So, I’ve had to do the lessons for the following week and get them ready to go (copies, notes, etc.).  It was during THAT planning that I realized that we only have FOUR weeks (plus exams) left in the year after we get back from the trip. 

Now, I normally am not a countdown-type person for summer vacation.  There are two sides to that coin.  First, I want summer to be here as bad as the kids do by this point.  Counting down only makes it seem farther (ha!  I initally typed “farter”.  My inner nine-year-old boy is laughing uproariously!) away.  Secondly, I have TWO TONS of things that I need to cover in my classes before summer actually gets here.  Aaack!

Since this post is incredibly boring, I’ll spice it up a bit with this video from YouTube.  Stick with it to the end (past the frogs…).  It’s as incredibly amazing as this post was boring!



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4 responses to “*waving as I hurry by*

  1. That’s one heck of a schedule. Enjoy the trip to DC!

  2. whew!! I thought I had a rushed countdown to the end! The sub for four days would worry me too. School’d get a good sub (hopefully), but one who wouldn’t be able to TEACH my class, so I’m not sure how much new material they’d learn.

  3. It is getting close to the end for us, too, but I have to remind myself we have a whole half trimester left and an entire novel study to get through so it’s not time to check out yet!

    I watched the video. Very amazing. Not a whole lot of dancing but they’ve got the Cirque du Soleil vibe down pat!

    I can’t wait for an opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. It’s on my list of to-dos. I remember making a week of plans for a sub when I went to Boston. You have to take subs for what they are. Sure they can teach something, but it disrupts the routine of the class and I usually don’t record any grades from the days I’m gone, unless it’s a test.

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