I’d like to consider myself frugal.  I mean, I really think I am.  I think long and hard about most purchases — long enough to talk myself out of 90% of what I think I might want to buy.  I clip coupons.  I scour the store ads to get the best deals.  I rarely purchase clothing, and when I do, it’s almost always with some sort of discount.

I also sign up online for free samples of all sorts of crazy things.  It’s a minor obsession.  Mostly, I use these smaller items for travel.  Occasionally, they lead to an actual purchase of the sample brand, but generally only because they include a coupon with the sample.

Today, I signed up for a sample of the deodorant brand that I like to use (Dove, if you’re interested).  They gave me two options for “scent”. 

Now, before I tell you what my two options were, I should note that I am nota fan of scented deodorants.  Most of them smell weird.  Plus, since I normally use unscented, when/if I dowear scented deodorant, I’m constantly wondering what that weird smell is… and then I remember that it’s my armpits.  Yay.  Why, precisely, anyone would want their armpits to smell like baby powder is beyond me.  Baby powder goes on baby butts.  I don’t want my armpits to smell like butt, even if it is a cute, pink, squishy, freshly-powdered baby butt.

These were my two options: Refreshing Scent (Waterlily Freshmint) or Energizing Scent (Grapefruit Lemongrass).

Waterlily Freshmint?  Are these people serious?  Have they ever smelleda waterlily?  And isn’t freshmint a gumflavor?  Ooohhh — I get it.  This way I could have minty fresh armpits, in case anyone ever wanted to kiss them. 

In case I didn’t want minty fresh armpits, I could choose Grapefruit Lemongrass.  This way, my armpits could smell like a salad dressing

Perhaps I could mix the two and stash a waterlily salad with grapefruit lemongrass dressing under my shirt.  You know, in case I got hungry.


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5 responses to “Deodorant

  1. MMM

    OH! I have found our ONE difference. I LOVE scented deoderant. Probably because I can sweat like a man. I prefer the scent of baby butt to armpit! *snort*

  2. I got a moisturizing lotion and Bath & Body one time that had a cucumber scent. It was a total failure because I got hungry for salad every time I used it.

  3. Almost sounds like a bizarre version of Outburst – just yell out words & those will be the new names!

    Thanks for the tips about the crock-pot. I peeked at mine, and it has an Auto switch, so I wonder if that’s a kind of timer/warmer thing. I think I’m going to have to dig out the manual & start experimenting over the summer. Far too many people love their crockpots for me not to use it!

    oh… i teach chemistry & physics.

  4. MMM: I suppose that, if those are my only two choices, I’d go with baby butt, too!

    Lady M: Oh, yes, I really don’t like that cucumber melon stuff. I just don’t like the way it smells… 😛

  5. ann

    you just make me laugh. i like the ‘fresh sent’. (by dove) since i hardly ever wear body spray/perfume of any kind – it makes me feel pretty smelling. 🙂 lol

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