More Abbott and Costello

Alternatively titled “Reason number 3,927 why my son will need extensive therapy”.

Jet and I cook together quite often.  Tonight, we made cinnamon toast for a snack. 

Jet: I wanna put the cimma- cinn- cimmammammon on it.

Me: *snicker* You wanna put the what on it?

Jet: I wanna put the cinnannannamon on it.

Me: *snort* The what on it?

Jet: The cimminamamon on it.

Me: *snicker, snort* The what?

Jet, slowly: The cin-a-mm-a-mm–

Me, laughing out right: The cinnamon?

Jet, seriously: Yes.


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4 responses to “More Abbott and Costello

  1. MMM

    LA told me once that she can see herslef in therapy. Great.

  2. Hee-hee! Cinnannannannamon would be a good chorus to a song.

  3. teacherbee

    You are cruel!

    But cinnanamon sounds good. Cinnamon and banana mashed together. Could be a hit.

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