So far…

I enjoyed that cup of coffee, and a couple more.  I showered while Jet played in his room. 

We baked four (single-layer) cakes for a SpringFest at our church tomorrow.  Jet is a HUGE help in the kitchen.  😉  Later, we will frost them.

We went to my parents’ house and picked up four planters that my mom is no longer using.  In awhile, we’ll plant seeds and arrange them on the back deck.

As I checked email and surfed the ‘net while Jet finishes lunch, I ran across this post by suburban correspondent. In it, she links to an amazing parenting article in the UK Telegraph about “idle parenting”.   I agree whole-heartedly with the spirit of the article.  At the risk of sounding like an old geezer, “kids today” are just crazy overscheduled.  I’ll probably fall into the trap a bit with Jet, but I remember my mom limiting us to one extra-curricular activity apiece.  That was probably because she had figured out that she couldn’t have four kids at different places at the same time, but…  I’ll probably limit Jet, as well. 

 Independent, creative play is important!

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