Must be spring…

 Otherwise entitled, “Jet and Damsel’s Pictorial Guide to Planting Herbs”.

Step 1:  Get planters from Nana’s house because they’re the right price.


Step 2:  Shovel some topsoil into a bucket.  Be sure to push your tushie out as far as possible.  Having a very short shovel helps.

Shoveling dirt

 Step 3:  Take a picture of the tools of the trade because it’s cute.

Tools of the trade

 Step 4:  Take pictures of the coriander seeds “because I wanna take a picture!”


 All of the seeds, even the basil ones.


Yep, the spearmint ones, too.


 Step 5: Push the seeds into the dirt.

Push the seed in

 Step 6:  Cover them up, “just a little.”

Cover it up

 Step 7:  Spray some water on them.


 Step 8:  Find a snail and take a picture of it.

Find a snail

 Step 9: Find the snail a new home, because mommy said they’re good for flowers.

Give it a new home

 Step 10: Take a nap!  Spring planting is hard work!

Take a nap

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One response to “Must be spring…

  1. MMM

    cute pics!! how fun!

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