You know how your skin gets all wrinkly and pruney when you’ve been in the bath too long?  Yeah, around here, we call them “dums”.  

I think it was not too long after Jet started learning names of body parts that he was getting out of the bath and noticing his wrinkly fingers.  He held up his thumbs, and I told him that they were thumbs and not fingers.  So… he thought that the wrinkly-finger effect was called “dums”.  He now knows the difference between fingers and thumbs, but we still have conversations about “dums” every night after bath time.  🙂

And now, I present the photgraphic artistry of Damsel:

 I call this first one “Dums: A Not-So-Still-Life”.


This next one is “Dums with Bellybutton”.

Dums with Bellybutton

And, finally, the piece de resistance, “Dums with Cookies – Definitely Not a Still-Life”.

Dums with Cookies

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One response to “Dums

  1. MMM

    too cute! my love bug always gets a kick out of being wrinkly!

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