Babylon Rising Review

Not too long ago, I finished the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye.  I think there were eleven or twelve books in all, which was great with me.  I prefer reading books in series because, after I finish one book, I don’t have to think about what to read next.  🙂 

Now, I’m no literature buff, but I enjoy a good story.  The Left Behind Series, according to my English teacher friend, is not “literature”, but they are good reads.  It took me a bit to get into the first book, but I agree with her.  Once I got to know the characters, I sped through the rest of the series.

So, after finishing that series, I picked up the first book in Tim LaHaye’s Babylon Rising series, which is set before the Rapture.  It’s about a professor of Biblical archeology who travels the world finding various artifacts that verify different things in the Bible.

Unlike Left Behind, I was sucked into the story immediately, and am in the third book.   I can really identify with the professor’s character.  LaHaye brings in various cultural and political themes, including the everybody-be-tolerant idea, which falls short when that tolerance is supposed to extend to evangelical Christian beliefs.

At any rate, if you like a quick read, these books are great!


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2 responses to “Babylon Rising Review

  1. MMM

    i’ve heard a LOT about the left behnd series….haven’t gotten to them yet. not sure what i think about them….need to look more into them.

  2. ann

    if you have the desire, but lack the time (or motivation to make the time) there are a set of left behind movies that are GREAT. there are only 3, so i can only guess you miss a lot of the detail from the books, but like i said – i really enjoyed them. i HAVE been told that the books are better – but everybody knows that going into it.
    take it for what its worth

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