Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things about Damsel!

1…. I don’t relax very easily.  I have a hard time letting go of the feeling that I am the only adult in the room (which is how I spend the vast majority of my time).

2…. On the other hand, though, I rarely have trouble falling asleep. Knight swears I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow.

3…. I love getting pedicures in a spa, but I absolutely cannot stand when they run that pumice stone across my feet.  It tickles like CRAZY, and completely negates whatever relaxation I might have enjoyed.

4…. I prefer to watch movies that I’ve seen before, especially when I’m watching them at home.  I think it’s because I tend to multitask while watching them, which directly relates to number one up there.  I have a hard time simply watching a movie.

5…. I love my DVR, because it allows me to avoid advertising.  Avoiding advertising is one of the main ways I avoid spending extra money – no temptation!

6…. One of my favorite smells in the world is sweaty little Jet B.O. when I pick him up from school.  Weird, I know. I think it’s because I know it means he’s been running and having fun!

7…. I love to cook.  I just don’t like to do it after working all day, which is why I L-O-V-E my slow cooker!

8…. I drink practically everything that’s cold through a straw because my front teeth are sensitive to temperature extremes.  It’s also the reason why I put ice in my hot coffee.

9…. I’m an efficient worker by nature, but mostly because I’m lazy at heart.  Somehow I think if I work more efficiently, I’ll have more time to do things that are relaxing to me.  Hasn’t really worked out that way, yet.  I just keep finding more things that “need” to be done.

10…. I spend very little money during the week, but Saturdays are tough for me!

11…. I have crazy allergies — I know I’m allergic to cedar and molds, just from watching the pollen counts on the days when I’m really bad.  But there has to be something else, too, because I’m still having a reaction even when those two are low.  Must be a new allergy this year.  YAY.

12….  I take lots of pills every morning: multi-vitamin, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, fiber, and Allegra.  I’m nearly too full for breakfast after the water I drink to take them.

13…. My favorite colors are a sage green and plum combo…  they were our wedding colors!

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  1. MMM

    I don’t know how many times I can say this, but we’re SISTAH’S!

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