Sock puppets & more

For the last week or so, Jet’s favorite bedtime book has been Mouse Cookies & More, which is totally a classic.  I lurve the stories in it!  Plus, it was a present from Aunt Beezneez, so we always talk about her before we read it.  🙂

The only drawback is that this particular edition has all four stories in it, plus a billion things to go with each story – recipes, sheet music to go with the accompanying CD, where’s-Waldo-esque search pages, activities, games, and on and on and on…  I mean, the blasted thing has 224 (that’s two hundred and twenty four, for those of you whose eyes glaze over at just the thought of numbers) pages.  Most of the novels I read are that long!  Jet thinks that any page with words on it must be read.  Somehow, though, I’ve managed to pare it down to the actual stories, and maybe a recipe or two.  And a mouse hunt.

Over the last couple of nights, I’ve been letting Jet “read” the stories to me.  He does a decent job, too!  Occasionally, I prompt him, but he knows most of all of the stories.  I’ve also started making him choose two of the four stories to read, because, when he’s “reading”, it can take  I mean, it’s cute and all, but…  the kid likes to point out lots of details.  Don’t have a clue where he gets that particular trait.  Heh.

Tonight he was a charmer, though.  He was “reading” the If You Give a Moose a Muffin story to me, and paused for a long time on the page where the moose is making sock puppets.  He asked me about them, wondering how it could possibly be, mother, that a sock could turn into a puppet.  I explained about the drawing of faces on the socks and the shoving one’s hand into it… and was struck by the fact that ohmygosh, my son doesn’t know about sock puppets…what kind of a failure of a mother am I?  (I do this to myself on a regular basis… you know, to help with the mommy guilt.  Because who doesn’t need more mommy guilt?!?!)  

Our little discussion was winding down when Jet sighed happily and said, “I’m gonna make sock puppets when I’m a moose.”

Somehow the world righted itself, my guilt washed away in the flood of the sweet tone of his voice… And I said, “Okay.”  🙂


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3 responses to “Sock puppets & more

  1. Deanna

    Call me when the boy turns into a moose, this I gotta see!!

  2. MMM

    that’s too cute!

  3. oh I so love it when they say things like this. I’ll never forget when CJ told me that he was going to have a PINK backpack when he turned into a GIRL.

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