So… spring break.  It is the time for relaxing.  And by “relaxing”, I mean “doing things that I don’t have time to do while teaching”.  It is relaxing, in a way, because then I can cross those items off my to-do list and stop stressing about them.

Remember last spring break? Let me refresh your memory about my front yard plans. I had before pics and what were supposed to be in-the-middle pics.  Wellll… those in-the-middle pics turned out to be the after pics due to rain and something else far more important, I’m sure. 

THIS spring break, I was determined to finish the project.  I’m nothing if not tenacious.  And slightly embarrassed to invite people over. 

Knight and I spent all day today working in the yard.  With the help of free limestone rock from my parents’ backyard, a borrowed power washer from those same (fabulous!) parents, topsoil from the dump (dudes – one cubic yard is a whole HECK of a lot of topsoil, especially when the guy at the dump “blesses” Knight with extra), and $19 worth of flowers from Home Depot, we actually have a beautiful yard.  The grass is still a little brown, but it will green up since Knight put some more weed-n-feed on it today.  I’ll be getting some more rock tomorrow to finish up around the trees.

With a flourish, I now present to you the really after pics! 

This is the same shot as the “before” and “middle” pic, now complete with the top of Jet’s head, in his favorite hat, along with the flowers, rocks and topsoil:

Dark flowers and rocks!  

This is a pic of the other side … directly behind me when I was taking the first shot.  After I powerwashed the front, there was a HUGE mud puddle all over this section of the yard.  We put down some extra topsoil to absorb some of the extra water.  Here’s to hoping the grass pushes on through it!

The other side.

 This next one is of the powerwashed front of the house.  We had a little problem with one of the bushes actually growing INTO the hardiplank.  Now Knight is looking forward to another work-on-the-house day wherein he gets to replace said hardiplank.  🙂

  Powerwashed front of the house.

This is one of our two trees.  I have to get some more rock from Mom and Dad’s tomorrow to finish it out. 


This last one is… well… the mailbox.  🙂


I’m getting old.  The longer I sit in this recliner after a full day’s worth of yard work, the stiffer I get.  Fortunately, though, I have this to comfort me:


 Oh, and I have this:


🙂  And the knowledge that I finally learned how to put pics into a WordPress post.

 Tomorrow I shall finish up the rock work in the front, and possibly paint a wall and a few shelves in the kitchen.  Whatever gets done is what gets done, because on Friday I plan to get a fine start on the EIGHT books I picked up at the library a couple of days ago!


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