Who’s on first?

This morning, Jet wanted a toaster strudel for breakfast.  I really try to avoid buying stuff like this, but occasionally I splurge.  Sometimes it’s GOOD to load your kids up with sugar and ship them off to school.  This way, they can crash from the sugar on someone else’s watch.

He’s really into letters and spelling his name and telling us what letters different words start with, so I drew the letter of his first name on his toaster strudel with the icing.

I put it down in front of him and asked him what was on the toaster strudel.  His face lit up like a Christmas tree as he told me the letter.  I asked him what it stands for, and, instead of his name, he shouted, “Me!”

The following conversation ensued between Jet and Knight:

K: Well, actually, “me” starts with “M”.

J:  No, it doesn’t!  You start with “D” for “Daddy”!

K: Well, yes, but the word “me” starts with the letter “M”.

J, in a “you’re silly!” tone: No, it doesn’t!  “M” is for “Mommy”!

K: Well, yes, “Mommy” starts with “M”, too, but “me” starts with “M”.

J, slowly: No, Daddy, you start with “D” for “Daddy”.

And round and round they went for about a minute or so…  The whole conversation was very Abbot and Costello. It just goes to show you that trying to logic with a three-year-old is akin to nailing jell-o to a tree.  Just can’t be done. 



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3 responses to “Who’s on first?

  1. Deanna

    that’s a classic! I so need to get you a digital voice recorder for Christmas!

  2. damselandfamily

    @ Deanna — it would be like the camera, though. I’d never have it when I REALLY needed it!

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