Toddler Dictionary

The older Jet gets, the less he says things that are toddler-ish and adorable. Let’s document them for posterity, shall we?

Bref-tuss: n; the first meal eaten, especially in the morning (ex. “I wanna waffle for breftuss.”)

Cooled up: v; the process of lowering the temperature of an object (ex. “I will eat dat waffle after it has cooled up.”)

Pee-nit: n; male reproductive organ (Do you really need an example?)

Wif-oub: prep; used to indicate absence of something, best communicated with a whine (ex. “I can’t do it wif-oub you, Mommy!”)


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6 responses to “Toddler Dictionary

  1. Absolutely Bananas

    pee-nit. I LOVE that.

  2. Smiling Mom

    I love this!! I’m going to have to take your idea. My son is all but out of the toddler talk too. I should write down some of my favorites.

    Thanks for visiting my site!

  3. Lady M

    “Do you really need an example?” – LOL!

  4. mayberry

    Love it. Once my daughter said, about a drawing, “This monster is a boy monster because he has a PEANUT!”

  5. Beez

    What about lasterday, lumbrella, and Sominic cherry limelades?? Oh, I don’t get enough little boy babble in my life! Keep writing these down – they’re hilarious.
    Love you.

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