Rain, rain, go away

Doesn’t the rain know that we have swim lessons this week? It could have at least waited until Friday. (We only have swim lessons Monday-Thursday.) It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, too. I wonder if we get make-up days? I know they can’t control the weather, but it bugs me that I paid for eight days of swim lessons, but might end up only getting six. I couldn’t find any info on their website about it.

Other things, namely Jet’s underwears, have been mostly dry all morning, except for the time that I sent him to the bathroom and realized I had to go, too. I went to the other bathroom and took care of things as quickly as possible. When I came around the corner to check on him, I arrived just in time to see him dunking his underwear up and down in the potty.

I was rendered momentarily speechless, with the thought of “Why on earth would anyone…???” running through my head. I quickly regained control before he could actually flush them.

In a flash of insanity, I questioned Jet about his antics.

Me: “Jet! What are you doing?”

Jet: …??? *dunk, dunk, splash*

Me: “Well, stop it!”

Jet: *grin*, *dunk, dunk, splash* “Look what I could do!”

Fortunately, he hadn’t done a Big Job, but may have tinkled in the potty. I couldn’t tell.

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One response to “Rain, rain, go away

  1. auntiebeez

    HAHAHA!! Mikel and I are cracking up! “Why on earth would anyone….??” Bah-ha!

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