You are now reading the blog of a Master Chocolatier! You should feel honored that I deign to share my opinions and tidbits of joy with you, o humble non-master-chocolatier. *evil laugh* Hahaha. HA!HA!

On a side note: The music didn’t work for Jet tonight. He ended up drinking some warm milk and falling asleep on Knight’s lap.

On another side note: I actually had a student write “tits” instead of “teats” on the fetal pig lab practicum today. Really makes me wonder if I’m having any impact at all. *knock, knock* “Anybody home in there, McFly?” 😛

Oh, well. Ya win some, ya lose some. *sigh*



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2 responses to “Yessssss!

  1. Heather


  2. acceb127

    You’re a MASTER?!? WOW! I’m like a four-time millionaire chocolatier, but I’m no MASTER. Oooooooo!

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