Carrots are good for your eyes

In an effort to get Jet to eat his dinner the other night, Knight was telling Jet about his food.

K: “Carrots are good for your eyes! They help you see!”

J: “Yeah!”

K: “And cucumbers are good for your ears!” (yes, this is a little, um, misleading… )

J: “And cornbread is good for my BELLY!!”

Yep… that’s about all it’s good for, too. Except maybe your tastebuds.


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3 responses to “Carrots are good for your eyes

  1. acceb127

    HAHAHA! Though this makes me think — what exactly were you guys having for dinner that night?

  2. Damsel

    I think it was chicken roasted in the crock pot, a salad, and cornbread…

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