Handwashing is important

It’s also very, very cute when viewed from this angle:

I love to wash Jet’s hands. I like the feel of his super-soft skin on my fingers, all slippery with soap. I love to watch him wash “left hand, right hand, then ‘tween fingers, and the backs, too!”. I love the way his small hand disappears between mine as I help him rinse off the soap. I especially love how he holds them up for me to kiss after they’re clean!

The other evening it was Knight’s turn, though. I don’t know if he enjoyed it as much as I usually do, but I couldn’t resist snapping this photo!


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3 responses to “Handwashing is important

  1. Deanna

    Very cute…

  2. Deanna

    One of these days I’ll get used to leaving these comments….I meant to say…
    Very cute…now I see why my brother’s gotten so much more lovable…he grew some handles!

  3. Lady M

    We’re in a splashing phase, so handwashing has gotten perilous. The phase should pass in a year or two. 😉

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