I wish I could be sick instead…

My poor sweet son has had a fever and major sinus congestion since Saturday morning. I hate it when he’s sick, even though he’s not really acting sick. He’s still playing hard, and only slightly more cranky than usual. He’s still eating, as long as I keep his Tylenol on schedule to control the fever a little. Tonight he was asleep in his daddy’s lap at 7:10, which is a minor miracle. He needs the sleep almost as much as I do.

He may have an ear infection. When he was 6 months old, he went through four ear infections in three months. His pediatrician (whom I love, love, LOVE) put tubes in his ears, and it was like magic. He hasn’t had an ear infection since then. However, when we went in a couple of months ago, his doctor noted that the tubes had fallen out. I know that some kiddos have to have more put in, and I’d be okay with that. I’ll be calling in the morning for an appointment. The doctor’s office is wonderful about squeezing us in.

He’s just so clingy and needy when he’s sick. On one hand, there’s a part of me that gets frustrated because I’m trying to get other stuff done, like laundry and dinner. On the other hand, most of me loved being able to drop everything to cuddle and mommy him all day yesterday. I love taking care of him. I suppose it’s true that we all need to feel needed, but the need I have to take care of him is overwhelming. I think I’m going to wither up and die when he gets old enough to not need me as much. Hopefully God will grow my heart along as he ages so I’ll be prepared.


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  1. Heather

    That very last sentence? I HEAR THAT!! I know it hurts when they are sick! I can’t stand it. Even if they are sleeping, I’m lying in my bed wondering if they’ll get up….or spike a fever in the middle of the night…..or……

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